Meet the team behind the mask. That’s right, we’re no ‘Lone Ranger’. 

Elliott Cockett


Elliott started TDR when he was 18, during his final year of education. What started as sneaking out during school hours to make a quick buck, quickly turned into the next big thing, post graduation.

Now that that’s up and running, he’s looking at producing the next big thing; Alco-pops! More to follow soon..

[email protected]

Ciaran gallagher

Editor & Camera operator

Ciaran’s typical workplace looks like the back of a camera screen, although you’ll find him almost anywhere with it – whether shooting a hot and sweaty rave or the next big product to market. 

He also co-runs “Studio Atmos”, a speaker rental company on the side… but it’s not in the contract so don’t tell his boss..!

[email protected]

TDR is commercially licensed through the DCA with the ability to operate in all reaches of the Channel Islands.
TDR also currently have a PfCO license, allowing jobs to take place in the UK too.